Kane's 4 Year Anniversary

Ocean Township's Kane Brewing Company celebrated its 4th anniversary on October 3rd. In just four short years, Kane has easily become one of Jersey's top players in its now exploding craft beer industry. In honor of the occasion, Kane released 4,000 bottles of its 4th anniversary beer, One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty, a Belgian Quad blended from their previous anniversary beers. As tradition, the brewery blends every anniversary beer with its preceding anniversary beer, ensuring a "piece of the past" in every vintage. 

The special anniversary brew poured a dark brown with a light beige head. The aroma was thick with dark malts, dark fruits and a bit of a syrup-y smell. The taste had a dark chocolate layer, allowing flavors of fig, vanilla, and whiskey to come through. It was an enjoyable Belgian Quad, with the alcohol not overly apparent in the taste. 

Kane also released 200 bottles of their Cognac 1095, their third anniversary beer aged in cognac barrels for a year. At the brewery, I tasted the Sea Change '13, Heirloom, Mexican Brunch, Drift Line, Vengeful Heart, Cortijo, Overhead, Lemon Drop Single Fin, Barrel Aged Malus, and the Sea Change '15. 

  • I preferred the Sea Change '15 to the '13. The brett flavor was more apparent in the '15.
  • The Mexican Brunch was good, but I wish there was more ancho-chile in it. The cacao masked any spice.
  • I actually prefer the regular Malus to the Barrel Aged Malus. The Malus, I know what it is. The Barrel Aged Malus seemed like a bit of a muddle of flavors that didn't 100% match each other. 

The Heirloom was quite good and was probably my favorite beer of the day. It poured a pretty clear, dark golden color, with a white head. The aroma was citrus fruity, very lightly hoppy, and barely funky. This old world saison has brettanomyces. which created a slight, but pleasing tartness. The tartness from the brett nicely complemented the vinous qualities in this beer and created dimension and complexity.  A dry, white wine finish completed the beer and left you thirsting for another sip.. (or glass!).

Check back soon for my next post: Poor Henry's Free Will Tap Takeover.

Until then, hoppy drinking! 


- One Hoppy Lady