Big Brew Beer Fest

I've been to this beer fest twice, once last February and again this past October. I have to say, I was underwhelmed this time around. It's convenient to go to because it's in the middle of Morristown, just a short uber ride from the green. However, this is the type of festival where kids just go to get drunk. Nothing wrong with having drunken fun with some friends, but it's not a place to search for beer, nor a place for great beer convo. Brewery reps will not be there and there were no specialty beers brought to the festival. Unfortunately, many of the better NJ breweries weren't even at this event (such as Carton or Kane). 

One of the beers that stood out to me at the festival would be Clown Shoes' Cousin Steve and the Lemon Hearts. When I first heard "lemon," I thought shandy.. which is an awful thought. However, this turned out to be a lemon IPA. It poured a clear dark golden color and maintained a white lacing. The aroma was of light, sweet citrus and light hops. The taste was more of a candy lemon flavor, rather than that weird Pinesol lemony flavor that I find in many shandies. This beer wasn't sweet, though. The hops weren't overpowering, but pretty evenly balanced with the lemon flavor. Mouthfeel was on the lighter side of medium bodied, very easy to drink. Overall, an enjoyable lemon beer. 

Check back soon for more beernanigans!

Until then, hoppy drinking!

- One Hoppy Lady