Street Green Release @ Other Half

I circled around, yet again, unable to find street parking. I was not expecting such a crowd. By 9:30am, I said "fuck it" and parked illegally, caving to pressure as people began to wrap around the third wall. I briskly walked to the corner of Garnet and Court, where I claimed my place in line at exactly 9:38am.

Before 10! My facebook group said I'd be good if I made it before 10.. But suddenly I wasn't so sure. The original limit for Green Diamond cans and the Trillium collaboration, Street Green, was 4 four packs of each per person. The night before, the limit was dropped to three. At 7:48am on the day of, it was announced that the limit would drop to 2 four packs after 11am. All there was left to do was wait and see what I got. 

At 10am, doors opened and the line started to move, but the wait was far from over. Standing in line, I was lucky enough to meet a few other loners who helped the time pass. We started out with 8, but through the 5 hour wait, it dropped to 5 of us. Finally, we reached the door. We each purchased our 2 Street Green four packs around 2:30pm shortly before the limit dropped to one can per person (which I knew, thanks to the caring Other Half staff that was frequently counting and keeping the crowd updated). Too tired to continue, we went our separate ways... Except for one of my new beer buddies and myself. I needed a drink after all that..  

2015-11-07 20.48.56.jpg

I sat in the small taproom, sampling through the beers on draft. The cozy little room had dim lighting and a single wooden table, which brought strangers together. As we drank some delicious beer and chatted with whoever was around, Other Half announced that they were tapping a keg, so that whoever came out could try the collab brew. There was cheer all around. I felt like Harry Potter on a Hogwarts Christmas Day. (I have presents?)

As Other Half's employees poured generous servings, the dank bestowal filled our snifters with a hazy orange-y gold. A thin white head topped the glass. The nose wasn't huge, but a nice juicy hoppy aroma wafted with tropical fruit notes. The taste was juicy, tropical fruit and melon at first, followed by a sudden Equinox hop bitterness halfway, which followed through until the end. Mouthfeel was smooth and refreshing, easy to drink. Personally, I still favor Green Diamonds and All Green Everything. But a good beer, obtained while in good company. 

Check back soon for more beer fun!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady

2015-11-08 23.41.28.jpg