J. Wakefield Brewing

When I was invited down to Miami for Y100's Jingleball, my first thoughts were of J. Wakefield Brewing, of course! I immediately messaged them on Facebook, inquiring about bottles. Unfortunately for me, only their OG club gets bottles for the first year, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy some tasty brews at the brewery!

I arrived at the very Miami-esque, graffitied building, which was covered in Star Wars scenes. While some of the beers I wanted to try were sold out when I got there, there were still plenty to choose from. I only had an hour before I had to return to the hotel, so I ordered two flights and got down to business! 

El Jefe is a dynamic hefeweizen. It poured a hazy gold and the aroma had a very slight lactic sourness to it. The taste had a nice, buttery coconut flavor that followed through out the drink and was rounded out by slightly sweet banana flavor. It ended just slightly bitter at the finish. 

Ronan the Strawbarian  is a strawberry and rhubarb sour. It poured a cloudy, bright, almost neon pink. The beer had a nice sour/slight tartness, like unripe strawberries. It leaves an enjoyable little salivating/puckering feeling after sipping. 

Great Scott!!! is a very drinkable scotch ale. It poured a dark brown. This beer had a malty, sweet scotch finish and nice sticky body and very low carbonation. It was not super full-bodied, but was something I would probably drink all night long.

Hop for teacher IPA poured a dark copperish color. Aroma and taste were dominantly of hops, dominant but not overly aggressive. I didn't taste strong flavors of much else in this, but great for hop lovers. I thought this was very drinkable.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter had a delicious aroma, like toasted marshmallows when the outside burns just the perfect amount. The  taste is very similar, like the carcinogens off a burnt marshmallow, mhmm. I would love this for NJ winters. I brought home a growler. The NJ winter, however, has yet to arrive.

Harbinger  is a Hazelnut Coffee Sweet Stout. Wow! This was delicious. It poured a very dark brown with a creamy dark khaki colored head, which dissipated quickly. It smelled and tasted exactly like coffee with hazelnut creamer. The stout had a nice, full body. This was my favorite of the lot. Growler fills were not allowed, but if they were, I would've done three. I must recommend this to anyone who visits J. Wakefield!

I also got to try Battlecat Kentucky Common and Dubbel Bagger Belgian Dubbel. Before leaving, I met Shane, assistant brewer at J. Wakefield Brewing. He showed me around the brewery and gave me a tour, including some brand new equipment! While this baby brewery is pretty new, they're doing some great things with their beers. I can't wait for their one year anniversary, so I can get some bottles to take home! Shane was pretty cool too! 

Check back soon for my next post!

Until then, hoppy drinking! 

- One Hoppy Lady