Clown Shoes Tap Circus @ Poor Henry's

Jotting a few beer notes

The night following Carton's Tap Takeover at Cloverleaf, I dropped by Poor Henry's for the Clown Shoes Tap Circus. Instead of drinking 5 full beers like the night before, I decided to order The Size 15 Flight (how responsible of me, I know). One thing that I really love about this place is that they always have great flights put together.

The Size 15 Flight

The first in the flight was Peace that Money Can't Buy, a bourbon barrel aged quad. The dark amber brew had decent head retention and lacing. The aroma gave away the bourbon, however, I did not taste so much bourbon flavor when I actually drank it. A sugary alcohol flavor lingered at the end and had an almost a cider-y aftertaste, a bit of tartness. 

My weakness: The Bourbon Molasses Wings

The second in the flight was Hammer of the Holy, a rum barrel aged smoked ale. This poured a very dark brown, with a light brown head and lacing remained through out. The aroma smelled of rum, but not overwhelmingly so. Rum was the first taste, followed by some nice chocolatey bitterness and a hint of smokiness in there. The body was medium and with moderate carbonation. This was very good. 

The third beer in the flight was Garden State Rhapsody, a rye barrel aged smoked ale made only for NJ. This beer poured black/opaque, with a brown head. This had a lovely, strong aroma of rye whiskey, chocolate and cherry notes. The nose was incredible. The taste was complex: rye whiskey, chocolate, a little bit of caramel sweetness, perhaps plum and some cherry. It was smooth and medium bodied. 

The last beer in the flight was Crasher in the Rye, a rye barrel aged stout. This was another black brew with a brown head. Crasher had a quick and thin, sweet vanilla layer, which was disrupted by a smoky, rye whiskey and heavier boozey taste towards the end. This was another very enjoyable brew. 

The favorite of the night, however, would most definitely go to Garden State Rhapsody. It's beers like this that really make me appreciate being from the Dirty Jerz. Cheers to Clown Shoes and Poor Henry's for a great event! I wish I had gotten to try the Chocolate Sombrero and the Space Cake. Did anyone get to try these? What was your favorite beer of the night? Comment below!

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Until then, hoppy drinking! 


-One Hoppy Lady