Project Publin: Dicey's Garden

Dicey's has a beautiful outdoor beer garden. It was a great spot to enjoy a few day time brews with my favorite authentic Irish man... aka my completely American cousin. While I actually did not pay much attention to the beer list because I was meeting up with my cousin who had a flight to catch, I do have a few words of caution. Firstly, do not ask for a black and tan, because they will give you a Carlsberg with a Guinness head... Actually, do ask for a black and tan because it was weirdly good. I drank the first to be polite, I asked for the second one. Secondly, beware of nightfall. Dicey's becomes a very Sona-esque dance dungeon. If that's not your scene, I suggest doing this trip with plenty of daylight left.

Carlsberg, a pilsner from Denmark, is very light with pale pilsner malts and very low hop aroma or taste. It was more euro lager-y than pilsner-y.  The Guinness head added some bitterness balance to the Carlsberg and the creaminess added some warmth and body. The thing is that it didn't really mix much, since it was just a Guinness head and not actually half a beer. So I drank the creamy head and was left with a slightly more bitter beer. I felt wrong for enjoying it, but I did. I did enjoy it..

Make sure to check back for my next Project Publin Post: The Brew Dock!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady