Project Publin: The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head, officially Ireland's oldest pub, is an eclectic atmosphere, with a dungeon-esque outdoor bar and garden at the entry. As you venture inward, each room has its own vintage decor and an asymmetrical Harry Potter homey feeling. I stopped in for a beer and seafood chowder, as I waited for my sister to get out of work. 

I sat by my lonesome, enjoying a Tom Crean's 18/35 Fresh Irish Lager. This pale lager was a clear golden color with a half a finger white head. The aroma had a grassy, grainy maltiness which was also apparent in the taste. This beer had a fuller flavor than I was expecting from a pale lager; it was light and refreshing without being watery or tasteless. Overall, I would say this was a quite polite, yet enjoyable brew; something that would be good for a long sitting. 

Check back for my next Project Publin post: Dicey's Garden. 

Until then, hoppy drinking!


                                   - One Hoppy Lady