Project Publin: The Norseman


The Norseman, formerly known as Farrington's, is two completely different places during the day and night. During the day, I stopped in, had a nice chat with some commercial real estate lawyer and had Franciscan Well Rebel Red, Franciscan Well Blarney, Clonmel 1650, Franciscan Well Friar Weisse and Brasseries Kronenbourg 1664 (as well as a Jameson shot or two). The Rebel Red was underwhelming, possibly because I was expecting it to be like the Porterhouse Red Ale. The Blarney tasted more like a light lager than a blonde; it was a bit bland and simple. The 1664 was the only one to exceed expectations, a clean and refreshing euro lager with more flavor than I would have guessed. Cracker malts with grassy and light citrus hops. Other than that,  I hate to say it, but none of the other beers really stood out, so I'm not going to write any elaborate reviews on them.

When I returned to The Norseman after dark, my intent was simply to be a passerby, until I was called in... So, I entered the pub and stepped into another world. I sang. I danced. I was impressed by a card trick that I was expecting to be extremely lame. I played Kings with whiskey neats and Jameson Caskemates shots. And I fell in love. It was my very last night in Dublin, when I truly and fully appreciated how much I loved the Irish culture. Live music with everyone singing along, people breaking out into actual Irish jigs, whiskey in our glasses, and cheer everywhere. I think I feel more sentimental about that moment than Christmas morning. So while, unfortunately, the beers here did not impress me, the pub itself did. 

It was the perfect last night of my trip, but will definitely not be my last night in Dublin. And so, Project Publin comes to a close. 

Check back as I get back to more local/NJ beer posts soon!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady