Project Publin: The Brew Dock

Of Foam and Fury

Of Foam and Fury

The Brew Dock, owned by Galway Bay Brewery, was yet another pub that I wish I could have gone to more than once. Their beer list was impressive, but you'll find the same beers at any of their other Dublin pubs. The bartenders at The Brew Dock were super friendly and knowledgeable. I had too many beers here to list, but the beers I would recommend would be their Of Foam and Fury and Buried at Sea.

Of Foam and Fury, hit you with a seductive and full mango aroma which was lightly present in the taste, before being washed over by a somewhat abrasive Simcoe hoppiness consisting of pine, resin and a little bit of citrus. Complex, but balanced, I still would say that the aroma was the best part of this brew. I'm a sucker for a good smelling beer. 

Buried at Sea, their Irish Dry Stout, smelled very much of roasted cocoa bean: chocolate-y and bitter. The taste was more like chocolate and coffee grinds, which I enjoyed. The body was typical of an Irish Dry Stout, on the lighter side and with low carbonation. This beer wasn't anything unusual, but I thought a good example of the style. I feel like it would've been nice on nitro, though.  

I also reached level 7 Luck of the Irish on Untappd here, where I had 0 Irish checkins before this trip. And half the beers I had on this trip weren't even Irish! 

Check back for my next Project Publin post: Honorable Mentions.

Until then, hoppy drinking! 


- One Hoppy Lady

Buried at Sea

Buried at Sea