Project Publin: Jameson Bow Street Distillery

Those of you who know me at all, know that when I'm not drinking beer, I'm drinking whiskey! Going to the Jameson Factory wasn't even a question. The tour guide took us through the old distillery and was very knowledgeable on the process and history. After the tour, we had a blind whiskey tasting (but anyone with a nose could tell what was what). We then got a complimentary Jameson neat or Jameson Signature Drink. Surprisingly, this is also where I got one of my favorite beers of the whole trip! I had the Franciscan Well Pale Ale aged in Jameson Casks... which I drank with another Jameson neat. They sold it to me that way, so don't judge me. You know, when in Ireland..

Watch out for my next Project Publin Post: The Guinness Factory.

Until then, hoppy drinking! 

- One Hoppy Lady