Project Publin: Crackbird

I'm mainly writing about Crackbird... because it's called Crackbird. Which is hilarious. But they did have some good beers! I had 3 different Eight Degrees beers here, which is a great brewery out of Mitchelstown. It's the same brewery that makes the Full Irish, which I mentioned in my last post as my favorite beer of the trip.  

Of these three at Crackbird, my favorite would be the KnockMeal Down, Irish Stout. It was a beautiful mix of old world hops, espresso and dark, roasty chocolate malts. The full body was more than satisfying as my dessert beer. But I must mention the Sunburnt was a close second, a delicious balance of caramel maltiness, biscuity hints, and molasses notes countered by Australian and New Zealand hops. Click on the links below to learn more about the 3 beers I had:

Don't forget to check back for my next Project Publin post: The Brazen Head.

Until then, hoppy drinking!


                                           - One Hoppy Lady