Carton Brewing's Cafe y Churro

I'm sure you probably saw the mysterious photos of Irish Coffee and Cafe y Churro cans floating around instagram on Sunday night. No announcement was made, but anyone who had MLK day off from work was at Carton at 12pm. Luckily, I was one of them!

If you know me, you know there is not enough Irish Coffee in the world to satisfy me. However, it was the Cafe y Churro that stole my attention this time around. The "Irregular Coffee" 4 packs came with 2 Irish Coffee and 2 Cafe y Churro cans. Each person was limited to 2 Irregular Coffee packs. I also grabbed a Gilded Lily 4 pack and a Decoy 4 pack. 

The Cafe y Churro imperial cream ale pours a clear, dark caramel color. It smells like cinnamon and sweet coffee hard candy, like a candy that my mother used to eat when I was younger. The taste has a base flavor of that same sweet coffee candy I detected in the aroma. The second major flavor is the taste of cinnamon, which swirls lightly, but evenly, throughout your sip. On top of that, you get hints of vanilla and a very light, almost caramel-like sweet flavor. This irregular coffee is medium bodied, with a somewhat creamy mouth feel, reminiscent of Irish Coffee's mouth feel. It also ends with a similar creamy coffee aftertaste that reminds me of Irish Coffee. As expected, the 12% ABV was masterfully masked and Carton left us with another delicious cream ale. 

Stay tuned for my next post! 

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady