Extreme Beer Fest, Session #1

After a grueling 5 hour car ride in the snow, I arrived at the Boston Westin Waterfront. No time to shower or freshen up, beer was waiting for me! I scurried into line around 5pm for the 6pm door opening. As the doors opened, I skipped directly over to the TreeHouse Brewing Co. line. 

This line was instantly the longest line, but it actually moved pretty quickly. It didn't hurt that the Tin Man Brewing Co. guys walked up with their Strawberry Sour for those of us waiting. After about 15 minutes, I reached the front of the line. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't bring many of the beers they listed (mostly about JJJuliusss), but the disappointment faded when I tasted how great the beers they did bring were. The Triple Shot was an imperial stout that tasted dominantly of espresso, with a milky, chocolate-y sweetness that offset the strong espresso bitterness. The aroma was like a Flat White (an Australian beverage made with a sweet risretto shot and steamed milk) that was made with light chocolate milk instead. It was really a sumptuous smell. The body was medium, not too heavy, which was actually kind of nice because of the espresso bitterness. Normally, I like my stouts extra full bodied. I thought this was very well done and balanced.  

A few other beers that really stood out to me during session 1:

  • OEC Salsus Singluaris (gose) - aged in syrah barrels! (fyi, syrah is my favorite type of wine) This was a unique sour. It really stood out from the rest, even after hours of tasting. 
  • Jackie O's Cucumber Ginger Berliner Weisse -  had a slight sourness, extremely light and refreshing. Cucumber and ginger are such a great pairing, this beer perfectly captures that favorite coupling that we often find in cuisine... and not so often in beer
  • Funky Buddha Lychee Berliner Weisse
  • Against the Grain  Bo & Luke Fenugreek, Cumin & Black Pepper (imperial stout) - You had to risk getting pied in the face for this (checkout my instagram to see if I got pied!). Totally worth the risk. Extremely unique beer. I think Cumin was the most dominant flavor, but the stout supported the strong spice very well. It wasn't overpowering and it had great body. If you like cumin or Indian food, I would recommend trying this. 
  • The Bruery White Chocolate (wheat wine) - I don't even like white chocolate, but this was good.
  • Dark Horse Rubescent Zhaftig Ghastly Blood Stout (imperial stout) - Wow. This poured an odd light red color that definitely throws you off a bit. It looks like a sour. But the stout was delicious, definitely coffee and chocolate. 
  • Grimm Lambo Door (dipa)
  • Rare Barrel Forces Unseen (American Wild Ale) 
  • Tree House Doppleganger (dipa)
  • Tin Man Brewing Co. Tomato Gose - This sounds odd, but I really loved it. It tasted like a summer version of a tomato soup. Good amount of pepper flavor was in it. It almost tasted like a bloody mary, but it was extremely light and refreshing and still beer-y. 
  • Other Half Oat Overdose (American IPA, collab. w/Tired Hands)
  • Short's Brewing Co. Peachy Pom Pom (American Wild Ale)

Friday session was pretty chill. The line to get in was organized; stamped hands, wristbands and scanned tickets. The floor was carpeted, so no slipping on spilled beer (there was crying over it though). The venue also had more than enough room to move around freely. Not many people were sloppy drunk, to the point of knocking into people. Another thing that I greatly enjoyed was that there was no line for the girls bathroom! So my beer drinking wasn't stalled by bathroom lines. There were also two different bathrooms per gender, which was really nice. There was a bacon avocado grilled cheese that allowed my second drinking wind. Overall, a great session! Well thought out and with great brews. 

Check back soon to read about EBF Session 3!

Until then, hoppy drinking! 


- One Hoppy Lady