Annual Kane Takeover at Cloverleaf Tavern


As you probably know, yesterday was Kane's annual Takeover at Cloverleaf Tavern. The popular NJ craft beer bar had 24 Kane lines with various rare/specialty tappings throughout the day. I had already been lucky enough to try most of these beers at their anniversary. However, I still hadn't tried all of the ANTEAD variants which were being tapped at 2pm.

I arrived around 2:05pm due to the heavy rain. That was a mistake. The line for bar service was through the hallway and filling up the back room. I waited about 50 minutes, got my flight and tried to find some space. While many people stood right by the bar to drink their flights, I went into the back room and shared that single table with a few strangers. (Unfortunately, I'm not as poised as those who can stand AND hold a flight at the same time.)

Before drinking, I was most looking forward to the vanilla, but my favorite ended up being the cocoa. They all poured a very similar, very dark brown color with light brown heads. Carbonation was equally low for all of them.

Coconut - The nose on the coconut was great, it smelled like fresh coconut shavings being toasted right in front of you. The taste had a good amount of coconut, but not overly sweet; dark malts and dark chocolate balanced it out. While coconut beers are becoming a thing now, this is probably my favorite coconut beer I've tried yet.  

Vanilla - The nose was lightly of vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate. The taste had a chocolate base that seemed slightly thinner than original ANTEAD with a medicine-like aftertaste, almost like drinking vanilla extract straight. Some people actually might really like this flavor, but I'm very sensitive to medicine-like flavors. 

Cocoa - The nose was of roasted malts and dark chocolate. The taste was creamy chocolate with a bitter, dark chocolate finish that lingered in your mouth. The mouth feel seemed a bit fuller than the other variants. Again, my favorite of the ANTEAD variants. 

In addition to the ANTEAD flight I also tried the Holy Nights and the Coffee Silent Nights. Once the crowd died down, I got a table and ate a Fat Burger (7 oz. charbroiled burger grilled and topped with taylor ham, Monterey cheese sticks, crispy fried onions and chipotle mayo), which was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed after drinking all those heavy beers on an empty stomach. I met some cool people, had some great beer and guilty pleasure food (aka every day food) then headed out around 5pm before the after-work rush came. It was crazier than expected to get my ANTEAD flight, rather expensive and I wish the pours were bigger than 2.5 oz, but I do understand the effort to make the kegs last.

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Hoppy Drinking! 


- One Hoppy Lady