Bourbon County 3 Year Vertical @ The Wilky

Last week's event at Bed Stuy's The Wilky Bar featured Goose Island's BCBS '15, '14, and '13. Only three bars in NYC had the 2013. The Wilky was the only bar in NYC with 2014 and 2015 to taste side by side! With the vertical available as a tasting flight (4 oz pours) or available in 9 oz pours, the bar was packed with neighborhood regulars and travelers from as far as Canada. Now on to the beer:

2013- The color was almost black, with nearly no carbonation or head. This vintage was sweet, thick and syrupy, having a complexity in flavors that the other years hadn't yet developed. The sweetness from the bourbon was emphasized, with underlying flavors of vanilla, chocolate and hints of oak. 

2014- This vintage poured a dark brown, lighter in color than the other vintages. The brew boasted bitter chocolate and boozy bourbon as the dominating flavors, coffee notes and charred oak were also present. The body was full, but noticeably thinner than the 2013. 

2015- Again, nearly black in color. Low carbonation and little head.  You could immediately smell the bourbon. Theh taste was very boozy, with bourbon being the dominant flavor by a landslide. Charred oak and a slight roastiness are present as rich chocolate worked at balancing the bourbon. 

My favorite? As expected, the 2013. There you have it. And it's still on tap at The Wilky! There you, literally, have it. 

Check back for more beer fun soon!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady