Project Publin: L. Mulligan Grocer


Known for its pairings, L. Mulligan Grocer is one place a beer lover must dine in Dublin! I entered the grocer and squeezed through the cozy, dim-lit space. I moseyed on towards the back, where wooden tables and benches filled up the floor. The menu was pressed between the pages of a red book and I skimmed through the fare offered, before selecting the following:

  • Scottish Egg +  Fyne Ales Highlander
  • Boxty & Blood Pudding + Flying Dog Snake Dog (I know this is made in MD, but it was the recommended pairing)
  • Pork Belly + Brown Paper Bag Project Pleasant

The food was delectable and the beer selection definitely had some names I did not see anywhere else. Favorite? The Brown Paper Bag Project Pleasant, a porter, which poured a dark brown. It smelt and tasted of roasted malts and coffee with a heavier body; a pretty standard and enjoyable porter. It wasn't as full bodied as I prefer my porters, but with the strange weather, it felt appropriate. I wish I could have gone here again! But other pubs beckoned and, while you can fit many beers, you can only fit so many meals in a day.

Next Project Publin post: The Porterhouse Temple Bar!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


- One Hoppy Lady