Goose Island Barrel Aging Lecture & Tasting @ Bitters & Esters, Brooklyn

Written in collaboration with Eric Sturniolo, Where's the Beer NY

Like many of the most coveted and sought-after beers, Goose Island’s Bourbon County series has led to a proliferation throughout the beer world with a process which we know as barrel-aging. But like most things, nothing can quite match the progenitor; hence, why we were so excited to attend Goose Island’s barrel-aging lecture and tasting at Bitters & Esters. The premier home brewing education and supply center, located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, held only 2 sessions (25 attendees each) for beer drinkers to experience this rare opportunity.

Sofie: a great intro to barrel-aged saisons/farmhouse ales. Sofie is made up of 80% standard-brewed beer and 20% aged in wine barrels with citrus peel. This results in a light, bubbly, easy-drinking beer with a bit of spice and a nice amount of zest/bitterness from the peel.

Halia: a farmhouse aged in wine barrels with peaches. This beer is sour, funky, and juicy. We taste tropical fruits, candied peaches, brett and wine, with a slightly sweet finish.

Lolita: an ale fermented with wild yeast and aged on top of raspberries in wine barrels. The taste is more tart than sour (although it’s definitely sour), with lots of berry, funk, and brett. Reminiscent of drinking champagne, beer and wine all in one.

BCBS 2015: This year’s batch might be the best yet. With past offerings, we’ve found a moderate to high heat level from the bourbon that diminishes (for the better) with some aging. However, the 2015 version is amazingly fresh. There’s a lot going on here with bourbon, oak, coffee, caramel and chocolate. As it warms, vanilla, toffee, and roasted marshmallow flavors become more apparent.

BC Barleywine 2013: aged in bourbon barrels that were then used to produce BCBS. This barleywine had sweetly delicious bourbon-soaked dark fruit flavors (especially plum, fig, cherry and raisin) with minimal alcohol heat, after being aged two years. Fresh versions are immediately drinkable, but this one is even more so. Two years of aging seems the perfect amount of time for this beer to be enjoyed at it’s absolute best.

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We were also able to sample local barrel-aged offerings like Brooklyn Brewery Intensified Barrel-Aged Coffee Porter, Sixpoint Barrel-Aged Signal Smoked IPA, and the first labeled batch of Finback Barrel-Aged BQE (one day before release!).

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