Carton Tap Takeover @ CloverLeaf

I arrived just in time for Cosmonaut to be tapped at 6pm. I rushed to the bar and immediately ordered the Russian Imperial Stout. I swirled and sniffed and tasted (you know the drill). It was very traditional of a Russian Imperial Stout. It was enjoyable, but I wasn't quite sure what made the Cosmonaut unique. There were big chocolatey, malty flavors with hints of vanilla. I did not detect much of the strawberry that I was very much looking forward to. However, like I said, it was still a solid stout. 

My next beer was the Irish Coffee, a peppermint cream ale. From the second it was brought to the table, I could smell the sweet aroma of mint chocolate chip ice cream. This beer was a treat (literally, it tasted like a dessert). It went down smoothly (and quickly!). Light coffee and cocoa hints brought down the sweetness to a nice balance. What really surprised me was when I went to check this into my untappd and discovered that it was 12% abv! The alcohol was well masked, to say the least.

After the Irish Coffee, I skimmed the menu for my third beer. I rolled my eyes at what seemed like an opportunist attempt to make a quick buck off the truffle trend: Gilded Lily. However, being a total truffle sell out myself, I knew I had to try this truffle tripel! The pungent brew smelled very distinctly of truffle and the taste didn't fall short either. It was earthy: on the nose, a little musky; on the tongue, a little dirty (in the absolute best way possible). For any truffle lover, this beer is a must try! The flavor accuracy is impressive!

Next, I ordered the Randall: Carton of Milk. If you couldn't figure this out for yourself, it's a milk stout. The twist is that Carton ran the stout through Peanut Butter Crunch Cap'n Crunch and threw some cereal to top it off. Thrilled at the description of this innovative beer, I was disappointed when my server returned to announce that it was kicked. In a chivalrous attempt to save the night, my server brought a regular Carton of Milk with some PBC on top. While the effort was very much appreciated, I could not fairly rank neither the Randall nor the regular Carton of Milk. Hopefully, I can catch this Randall next time!

The final beer of my night was the Hoppun, a hoppy pale ale. This brew pours a clear, medium brass color. There was a white head at a finger and a half with decent retention and lacing. A bitter aroma was intertwined with some berry fragrance and citrus notes. The taste had piney hops with a sweet undertone. The mouthfeel was medium bodied and had a nice, bitter finish. 

Though there were several beers I still wanted to try, I was satisfied with the 5 that I did. It's a tough call to pick a favorite of the night, but Irish Coffee and Gilded Lily definitely make my top two. What I would most like to try next? The Canyon, agave adjunct lager! 

Have you tried any of these beers? Go to the take over? Let me know your favorite Carton beer! Comment below and don't forget to check back for my next post on Poor Henry's Clown Shoes Tap Circus!

Until then, hoppy drinking!


-One Hoppy Lady