Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself...

Welcome to my new and improved blog! Due to technical difficulties, the site has been out of commission for a bit. However, I have finally re-launched and will be posting about all the beerventures that have occurred over the break! For new readers, let me introduce myself and tell you a little more about this blog.  

Some of you may know about my beer obsession through my instagram, my untappd, by meeting me at beer events and some of you may not know me at all! In any case, what I'm trying to say is... I love beer. And this blog is completely dedicated to it! 

If you live in the lovely Garden State, you may see me around at tap takeovers, festivals, or just relaxing with a new brew. Say hello! I'm there for the beer, but I love meeting other beer enthusiasts! 

Since I love trying new beers and I frequent said events, I decided to make a blog all about the brews I get to taste. This is just my way of appreciating beer and the beer community. So, please check back to read reviews, industry news, and to keep up on all the beer events! Feel free to comment here, email me, Facebook me or tag me on ig @onehoppylady to keep in touch! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on every post!

Though I have not posted due to the relaunching of the site, this minor blogging break was still packed with tons of beer fun, which I will soon be posting about in detail (and with photos!). These events include: 

  • Cloverleaf's Carton Tap Takeover
  • Poor Henry's Clown Shoes Tap Circus
  • The Office's Brewery Ommegang Dinner
  • A trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest!

Comment below and ask me what you want to know about them! Did you go to any of these events? Miss any of these? Have another craft beer bar you think I should come by? Let me know! And don't forget to check back soon for these upcoming posts!

Until then, hoppy drinking! :)


- One Hoppy Lady