In a land far far away, in a distant kingdom called New Jersey, there lived a not-so-fair lady who went by the name of Bella. In this kingdom, Bella traveled all throughout to promote and sell mega-brewery beers, until one day, she was assigned a most peculiar concoction... 

It was rare that these beers differed from the usual, but there it was: a yellow label that read "Spoetzl Brewery. Shiner Ruby Redbird." Intrigued by the odd bottle and unusual aroma wafting from it, Bella poured some out into a tasting glass. Orangey? Goldish? A much deeper color than the norm... She eyed the glass speculatively, yet curiosity got the best of her.

Here goes nothing! thought Bella, as she poured the elixir down.   

What was this? Grapefruit! Ginger! Citrus! Oh my! Bella could not believe her luck, she had discovered an incredible libation! Who knew that different beers could actually taste... different! Bewitched were her senses from that moment on.

There must be more to life! she exclaimed in bewilderment. Under the persuasion of the potion, Bella travelled further and further, into stranger and stranger lands: Boston, NorCal, Reykjavik! And so, she found craftier and craftier beers: Trillium, Russian River, Mikkeller!

As the legend has it, Bella still travels in search of her magical draughts and has been spotted by many a wearisome beer drinker at his (or her!) local tap takeover.. 

Oh yeah, and she lives hoppily ever after.