Paris: La Fine Mousse

This was my favorite beer spot that I went to in Paris. I went there two nights and loved it both times. The interior had rustic stone walls, wooden stools, some sunken armchairs and tables that stood at the edge of the open building front. There were about 20 taps and a long list of bottles available, including a ton of Cantillon and Tilquin. The lights were dim and the room was dark, like a proper bar, in contrast to Brewberry's bright yellow walls and strong lighting. The environment here was very relaxing. 

Jandrain J Dark Sasion - Brewed with the La Fine Mousse team. This was kind of like a chocolate saison to me. Instead of being fruit forward, it was a light chocolate beer with bitter hops and spice at the end. Lighter bodied.

Tilquin Geuze L'Ancienne 2012/13 - Poured golden orange-y color with a white head, which persisted. The nose was citrusy/lemony. The taste was tart with lemon and orange flavors. Hay flavor was present and the beer ended with a bittering funk. Well carbonated.

Loverbeer For Fan - On my first night here, the bartender was generous and gave us a pour of this from his bottle. So awesome! It poured a hazy coppery orange, with a thin white head. Wow, great funky apricot smell, like rotting apricots. Taste is slightly tart with mild apricot flavors and some barnyard funk. Astringent.

2012 Mariage Parfait - Poured a dark gold. Acetic smell with tropical fruits on the nose, pineapple, mango. Taste had tropical fruits, lemon, white grapefruit, plus some wet, musty, earthy funk. Well carbonated.

Cantillon St. Lamvinus - When I first ordered this, I was told that they were out. However, several minutes later, the bartender reappeared with a bottle, which he had found in their restaurant cellar (Their restaurant is across the street). Made my night! This poured a clear, bright red with darker burgundy hues and a pink tinged head. You could smell the merlot and the tartness on the nose. Pretty tart at first taste. It transformed into tannic/wine-like and woody, then finished with an unexpected musty flavor. Slightly solvent, reminds me of a very specific paint I used in pre-k. I absolutely loved this! 

Trust me, you won't want to miss my next post on Brasserie Cantillon ;) So check back soon!

Until then, hoppy drinking!

- One Hoppy Lady