Sour'd In September

September 10th, I made my way to Elmsford, NY for Captain Lawrence's annual Sour'd in September. Being my first visit to the brewery (not for lack of trying), I was surprised at the vastness of the facility. The line moved quickly and I entered through the lobby, into the main rooms. Sour lovers spilled outside into the back yard and side areas, all filled with even more beer and food. I felt like Augustus Gloop in a candy factory. I took my tums and began the tastings!

Stand-outs of the day:

Urban Family Flat Earth Theory (American Wild Ale) - This poured a clear, golden color with a thin white head, which dissipated quickly. The aroma was sour with omija presence. To those who don't know what omija is, it's quite a difficult flavor to descsribe. Known as the five flavor berry, each part of the berry is known to contain different flavors. The skin is known to be sour and tart, which is present in this beer. The center of the berry is known for being salty and sweet, both lightly present in the beer. The seed is known to be spicy, which I did not detect in the beer. Overall, it was pretty tart with a lasting omija funk through out, not overpowering though. This was a really nice, balanced way to incorporate the berry in a beer.

Modern Times Symmetric Orchestra (Sour/Wild Ale) - This poured a hazy, golden color with a white head. Very light lacing. Aroma was tart with light oakiness and bright citrus notes, maybe some white grape. The taste was similar, a light oakiness balanced the citrus/tartness. Body was on the lighter side, with a slightly dry finish, keeping the beer clean and refreshing. I could drink this all day.

Modern Times Fruitlands Passionfruit Guava (Gose) - Oh my guava. This was a delicious beer. It poured an orangey-gold. The first thing that hit me was the strong guava in the aroma, followed by a tartness. Taste wise, the guava was dominant, but not overly sweet. Passionfruit followed and the taste ends with a tartness and light minerality in the body. I really enjoyed the showcasing of tropical fruit in this, without it being a sweet beer. Nice take on the gose style. 

Hoppy Drinking! 

- One Hoppy Lady