Sculpin Sessions

Ballast Point kindly invited me to one of their recent Sculpin Sessions. I attended the session at Fiddlesticks, where their reps set up a whole room dedicated to the event. They passed around different types of hops to smell and of course, passed around some beer to taste! Their original, award-winning Sculpin IPA was in attendance. To be honest, I hadn't had a Ballast Point Sculpin in some time and was curious to see if it had changed. 

The original Sculpin is hopped at five different stages. Aromas of mango, peach and citrus lingered on the nose, but the taste still had a decent amount of hop bitterness present. The quality has remained consistent since the last time I had one and that’s always good to see. 

They also served the Grapefruit Sculpin, which is exactly what it sounds like... Sculpin with grapefruit flavors. The IPA that launched the grapefruit craze. We also got to taste the Fathom IPA, a 6% West Coast style IPA with orange zestiness and piney hop qualities. Personally, I preferred the original Sculpin out of all three. A reliable beer with no frills. What's your favorite Sculpin?

Sculpin Session #sponsored

Sculpin Session #sponsored

Hoppy drinking, 


-One Hoppy Lady