People's Choice Beef Jerky & My Choice Craft Beer

What’s better than good beef jerky? Good beef jerky with a good beer. I tasted through several People’s Choice Beef Jerky flavors and, of course, paired them with some brews that were in my fridge! See below for my favorite pairings!


The Original jerky paired with Burial Surf Wax IPA

If you like a bit of spice, IPAs are a great pairing for jerky. The bitterness plays up the spice really well. For me, this jerky paired with an IPA kicks up the spice in a way where the heat isn’t over the top. Personally, I’m not the type to pair a super spicy food with a bitter IPA, but to each their own.

Orange Honey Teriyaki jerky paired with Duvel Belgian Golden Ale

This jerky! Yum. I’m not a sweets person, but add the right amount of sweetness to a savory jerky and I’m in. I paired this with a Duvel Belgian Golden Ale that I had in my fridge. The fruity esters of the beer mingle with the citrus-y sweet teriyaki flavors very well. If I’d had a witbier on hand, I would also be interested in trying that pairing out. The witbier would be slightly less sweet, adding flavors of orange and coriander that I think could go very well with this jerky. I guess I’ll just have to get more!

The Garlic Ginger jerky paired with Victory Festbier

It might sound weird to some of you, but the malty caramel notes of this true-to-style festbier really plays well with the underlying soy sauce flavors in this jerky. This was probably my favorite pairing!


Sweet Chili Habanero with Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Brown Ale. It’s one of the absolute best beers to pair with jerky. It could have gone with any of these jerky flavors. It’s mild enough not to overpower the jerky and cooling to counteract the spice!


Cowboy Peppered paired with Left Hand Milk Stout

This was possibly my favorite out of all the jerky flavors! It was literally everything I want out of jerky. There was a really nice peppery bite towards the end of this one. The stout cooled the peppery spice with the creamy lactose texture and roasty chocolate notes and slight residual sweetness.

What’s your favorite jerky and beer pairing? Comment below!

Hoppy drinking,

One Hoppy Lady